Car Insurance For 3 Weeks Or Just 5 Days?

Three Week Car Insurance

You may wonder why on earth you should bother with something called three week car insurance when you already have fully comprehensive insurance on your car. There are a number of situations where temporary car cover for three weeks could be beneficial to a driver. If you plan on taking your car on holiday but don’t want to drive it yourself the whole time, then a three week temporary car insurance policy is ideal. As a general rule you will be charged one flat rate fee for this short term policy

Most short term policies are fully comprehensive so both you and the other driver, providing he or she was over the age of twenty four, would be covered. If anything does happen while the short term policy is in operation, then it won’t affect your no claims bonus if you have one. Temporary cover can also include business as well as personal use. Short term insurance policies are great because you no longer have to pay the premium for a whole year, just for the period stated, which can be from one to twenty eight days.

It is easy to get a quote for three week car insurance online; all you need is your standard British driving licence. Shop around a little before you buy as some of these policies are better than others and some are cheaper. Once you have found short term cover that is right for you, payment is made online and you will be able to print off your policy document and you’ll be raring to go. Even if you are not going away on holiday but have a guest in your house and you want to lend them your car while you are at work, short term insurance will do the job.

Choosing Five-Day Short-Term Car Insurance

In the event you are hosting a visiting relative or friend for a week’s stay, choosing a temporary, five-day short-term policy would be more advantageous than adding this person to your present policy. If the person was added it could jeopardize any no-claims bonus feature that your present policy contains. Selecting a separate policy will not only allow your visitor to legally drive your vehicle, but it will protect any discounts you may be placing at risk if adding them to your own personal policy. Furthermore, you may find the need to take out a short-term five-day auto policy when you drive another person’s vehicle. Through the use of the short term insurance policy, instant coverage is typically available in as much quicker to obtain than trying to add another driver to your own policy.

Who Should Consider Five-Day Car Insurance?

    Borrowing a friend’s car
    Lending your own car to a friend or relative
    Needing to transport a vehicle from one spot to another
    Hiring a car for a short trip

Who Can Qualify for Five-Day Car Insurance?

Purchasing a five day car insurance policy is available to anyone with a UK driving license but certain companies do set a minimum age limit. Many companies will cover a visitor from the continent possessing a European driving license and many do honour driving licenses from the United States and Canada as well. As is the case with any type of car insurance, the insurer will pay less money if possessing a good driving record. Additionally, the type of vehicle to be driven will also have an effect upon the premium paid for five-day car insurance policy.

Where to Find Five-Day Car Insurance?
The most convenient and quickest method to find the best quick quote for short term insurance is to conduct an online search. Not only can you search at your own convenience, many companies operating online offer competitive prices in an attempt to gain your business.